How to Volunteer or Donate

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Arrangements to donate your items can be made by email or phone. Appointments are scheduled every other day, one week day evening, and one week end day.  Since the times available vary according to the needs of the ministry please confirm a time and that there is need and space for your items.

Volunteers register for our volunteer labor bank. They interview with the director and express interests and talents and available time bands.  They are contacted as need arises .

When we collect money we want it to have a specific purpose known to the donor

Since sharing as an act of love and compassion is a priority we appreciate when monetary gifts are designated to targeted needs so the gift matches the heart and intent of a donor Over head is low since the use of our premises is donated by Our Lady of Grace and the founding director is an unsalaried professional accepting a small stipend for very basic personal order to serve the poor as part of a Franciscan vocation. To help keep the ministry available to the poor we accept pre-designated monetary gifts underwriting minivan, business supplies, storage unit internet phone or stipend support Donors may also offer charitable aid to a verified need of an individual by asking to join our Anonymous Angel Network. Monetary donations  made out to In Jesus Name Charities can be mailed to 411 Clinton Street Hoboken NJ 07030